Lynn Bernstein


                  Artist’s Statement

I often joke that I don’t really want to paint, but I have to... and it’s not really that I have to, it’s that not painting isn’t an option, it’s more of an impulse.

Initially, I fell in love with pastels 5 years ago for its “wash your hands and go” method of cleanup. I continue to paint in pastels because I can capture depth, light and movement due to the crystal structure of pastel pigments. Paints just seem flat to me now.

Over time, I developed a process of layering pastel pigments with washes of iso alcohol and more pastel to create the effects I wanted.

My studio near Raleigh, North Carolina is the perfect setting for painting trees, lakes and beautiful flowers.

I teach private & homeschool art instruction.

I am currently a member of the Pleasanton Art League and Livermore Art Association. My work can be seen at the Livermore Art Association Gallery located in the Carnagie Building in downtown Livermore, CA.



Pastel on colourfix paper

Pastel on sanded board

(Terry Ludwig, Gallery, Rembrandt, Holbein, Great American, Girault)


Landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and figures. Right now, I am working on a new Ocean Series.


Travel generates inspiration.  Music provides rhythm and focus to get into the painting process.


When I’m not painting, I enjoy exploring North Carolina with my husband and 2 adventurous children.


Volunteering, gardening, teaching and adventure seeking (hiking, camping, rafting).  I also love to dance (sometimes while I’m painting to music) and laughing.


Workshops & Classes with:

Susan Cornelis, Bill Cone, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, and Carolyn Lord

University of Colorado, Boulder: 

BS in Aerospace Engineering,

minor: Astrophysical, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Bernstein Studio has moved

Now located in North Carolina

near Raleigh